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Wolverine F2D 7-in-1 Film to Digital Converter Review

Is The Wolverine F2D 20MP 7-in-1 Film Converter The Ideal Solution To A Common Problem?

Wolverine F2D 7-in-1 Film to Digital ConverterThere is a misconception that the only way to relive memories from old slides and negatives of our grandparents is to seek the help of a professional but the Wolverine F2D 7-in-1 Film Converter aims to prove that this is not the case by providing a simple, user-friendly machine that can be used by anybody at home and can cope with all kinds of media.

This little box can scan these negatives, slides and 8mm reels, convert them to digital JPEGs and even compile videos that are compatible with both Windows and Mac. It sounds like it should be the ideal solution to the problem, but what do buyers think?

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Pacific Image PowerSlide 5000 CCD Slides Scanner Review

Pacific Image PowerSlide 5000 Slides Scanner: High Quality, Efficient and Productive

Pacific Image PowerSlide 5000 CCD Slides Scanner with 5000dpi

The Pacific Image PowerSlide 5000 CCD Slides Scanner is a product that is designed to make your work more convenient by converting huge quantities of 35mm mounted slides. The slides will be converted into digital files that can be printed, processed, searched or distributed electronically.

It has a remarkable 5000 dots per inch optical resolution and data conversion of 48-bit. It lets you have digital images that remain true to their original images.

The Pacific Image PowerSlide 5000 comes with a slide magazine that enables the scanner to convert a maximum of 50 slides at once. The scanner also comes with a software program that you can use to make your digital workflow much simpler.

It includes the Magic Touch feature that automatically removes dusts and scratches, and the basic elements of Adobe Photoshop that lets you organize and edit your images with ease.

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Jumbl 14MP Slide Scanner Review

Is The Compact Jumbl High Resolution 14MP Scanner/Digitizer As User-Friendly As It First Appears?

Jumbl Slide Scanner

On first impressions, the Jumbl High Resolution 14MP Slide Scanner looks like a pretty neat idea with its compact size, apparently simple processes and large viewing window. This basic looking device with its separate slide and negative holders and 2.4-inch color LCD screen can convert old slides and negatives into 14mp images and is said to be “a very portable, accessible solution for digitizing films and slides”. Do buyers agree with this notion?”

What benefits have users enjoyed with this Jumbl 14MP  Digitiser/Scanner?

There are many aspects to this specification to make buyers think that it will be ideally user-friendly, and consumer testimonials definitely show that this machine is fast, easy to use and has a wide appeal.

Loading a slide onto the specially designed tray is quick and simple, as is the scanning process thanks to the easy-to-navigate menu and the clear viewing screen with its high resolution.From there, all digitised images can be easily transferred to a computer via the included USB because the scanner is compatible with PC and MAC.

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Wolverine 20MP Film to Digital Converter Review

Is The Wolverine 4-In-1 Film to Digital Converter As Fun To Use As The Advertisments Make Out?

Wolverine 20MP Film to Digital ConverterFirst impressions of the Wolverine 20MP 4-In-1 Film to Digital Converter are that it looks like a fun product and could be a great starting point for new users, thanks to its lack of parts and buttons and the large viewing window. In addition to this prominent feature, this slide scanner also has the ability to produce digital forms in 20 megapixels, is compatible with Windows and Mac and has both an internal memory for up to 40 images and a slot for SD/SDHC cards.

This Wolverine product is said to convert slides and negatives of many different sizes into a digital form within seconds but is this what buyers have reported?

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Plustek OpticFilm 8100 Film & Slide Scanner Review

Is The Plustek OpticFilm 8100 Slide Scanner The Useful Tool That Photographers Desire?

Plustek OpticFilm 8100 Slide Scanner

The digital age of photography means that many enthusiasts have the chance to preserve their old photos and slides through scanners and software and that is exactly what the Plustek OpticFilm 8100 Film & Slide Scanner aims to provide to consumers.

This simple little 4.7×10.7×47” machine takes slides of different types and scans them into the user’s computer – the device being compatible with both Mac and PC – so that they can be preserved and restored using the Silverfast software. How well does this clever-sounding scanner work and are buyers impressed with the results?

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ION OMNI SCAN Slide Scanner Review

Is The ION OMNI SCAN Slide Scanner The Ideal Way To Preserve Your Slides?

ION OMNI SCAN Slide Scanner

The idea of using a common-place scanner to transfer old photographs onto our computers has been embraced as a great way to preserve the past and now the ION OMNI SCAN Stand-Alone Image and Slide Scanner is offering the chance to go a step further and scan old slides.

This scanner has the ability to scan cardboard and plastic mounted slides as well as colour and monochrome 35mm negatives, on both 9MP and 5MP modes. The final results can be transferred onto an SD or straight to the computer via USB as simple JPEG images and the scanner contains a colour LCD screen so you can view the results.

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